3 steps to writing a good Value Proposition

3 steps to writing a good Value Proposition:

Your value proposition tells your ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from your competition. It should be short, clear and honest – remember that you need to deliver on the promise.

Here are 3 steps to crafting a good one:

  1. Be clear about the product/service you are offering and who your target customers are
  2. Be clear about how you are solving their problem or improving their situation (relevance)
  3. Be clear about what benefits your product/service provides (value added)

Most people have heard of Uber. How did Uber, in eight short years, go from a start-up to a global phenomenon? A key element that led to their success is something that may seem overt. Take a look at some of their advertising; their adverts tell the reader how Uber works, how user-friendly the process is, and how easy it is to pay for the service. That is pretty much all the consumer needs to know: Can the taxi get them to where they want to go? Is it easy to book a taxi? How easy is it to pay the taxi? https://www.uber.com/en-GB/

Take another success story – Apple. Love Apple or hate it, it is a hugely successful company and you can’t deny that it has positioned itself as the manufacturer of the most desirable pieces of technology on the market. Apple products are luxury purchases and quite expensive, so what compels a person to cough out all that money? The answer is simple. Apple appeals directly to the consumer’s desire for quality and beauty. It doesn’t even bother to defend its price point because it doesn’t have to. https://www.apple.com/uk//

Lemonade also give a very succinct and effective value proposition. Their slogan, “Instant everything, Killer prices, Big heart.” already indicates to the customer the value only their company can give. It appeals to what the consumer wants in a way that can easily be deduced: a quick result that pits their company above others because they are able to supply their service in a unique way. This is a prime example of what a value proposition should be – direct, appealing and putting across the real value in their service. This can be applicable to your business too. https://www.lemonade.com/

Finally, let’s look at LessAccounting. For most people in business, accounting is the one hassle they wish they could do without, so that is what LessAccounting is offering, right there in its name: bookkeeping services that make your life easier. Although its application is suitable for larger businesses, LessAccounting knows it’s the freelancers, contractors and small business owners who really need what they offer, and make their services overt from the beginning. https://lessaccounting.com/

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