Value Proposition: Be Unique and Build an Advantage


Value Proposition: Be Unique and Build an Advantage

This time of the year, most people are out shopping for Christmas presents and lovely food to celebrate the festive period. The shops on the high street (and hopefully our businesses) are brimming with browsing customers considering, choosing and buying. However, with so much choice before us, it can be difficult to know exactly which product or service to buy.

Making a purchase or investment these days is not simply about sticking a pin in the Yellow Pages; making a choice demands extensive research and utilising resources that are widely available to us such as the internet. The factor (s) that makes one product or service distinct from the rest is their value proposition.

What is a value proposition?

Put simply, your value proposition is the benefit that your product can provide your customers and how the unique magnitude of this benefit is specific and uniquely supplied by your company. It explains the important questions: what your target customers are looking for, the problem they need to solve, how you will solve it and why you’re better than the rest of your competitors. Although it largely applies to firms and businesses, the value proposition is not only relevant to them.

Below, my friend and colleague Tinuke shares her views on the importance of being different.

Tinuke’s blog:

My name is Tinuke and I rock my own gorgeous!

I don’t rock anyone else’s gorgeous, just mine, and because it is mine, it makes me gorgeous.

Yes, I have a thing for being who I am. During my teens, my best friend and I would dress up identically, but even then, it was very clear to me that I was an individual. I have spent years trying to work out what it means to be an individual, and in particular the individual that is me. I have looked at what I like, what I don’t like, why I do certain things, how I respond and what I would like to do. I have gone deep into researching myself as an individual because not only is she me but I have to live with her and so do others! I believe the better I know and understand myself, the better I will be as a person.

While being myself doesn’t always mean that I am different (although more often than not it does), it does mean that I am true to myself and don’t move with the herd. I struggle with the concept of someone being classed as part of a group and not being seen for who they are. You see, I believe that everyone is unique, that everyone has their own individual skills and abilities, desires, thoughts, dreams, experiences, style, fears, expectations, hopes… you name it! On top of that, there are no two people who are identical, not even identical twins. I have realised over the years that being an individual and standing up for who you are is often frowned upon because most people like to hide in the crowd, or don’t want attention drawn to themselves for fear of standing out. To be honest, I think it is society that encourages this.

So, why on earth would someone who blogs about self-esteem and rocking one’s gorgeous be writing on this forum?  Ah well, I think this attitude of being yourself and rocking your gorgeous is so relevant to business, too. I believe that for a business to be successful, it needs to know what it is, to understand why it exists and to be true to itself. Integrity is so vital. Each business has its target clientele, its own product or service, its unique selling point, its reason for being. If every business sticks to being what they are, they will succeed. You will have heard the saying ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ and from a distance, it probably is. But things look different close up!


Nowadays, many say that the grass is greener where it is being watered. That’s just it! If, as people and as businesses, we focus on developing who we are, what we want to do, who we want to serve and where we want to go, we will stand out for the right reasons and we will be successful.

So, let me challenge you today. Do you think you can make your business true to itself? I dare you to try.

Tinuke Akinbulmo 

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The idea of a value proposition should be clearer by now, as well as the sheer importance of your business having one.

Here are some tips on how to develop your value proposition and examples of companies who have got their value proposition right: 3 steps to writing a good value proposition.

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